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Hello my name is Pandora Owl, self taught artist who recently decided to follow my art passions.

My art focuses on mental health & illness in order to help comfort those who suffer from it as well as exposing it to those who don’t. I leverage mixed media in order to tell stories, often referencing my youth by incorporating items such as comics or toys; a style developed in my art class back in high school. My textured mixed media art has many layers that can be seen and felt but most importantly ignite and continue the conversation of mental health as it’s increasingly making its way to the forefront.

ABOUT "Dream Catcher" Painting:

An Original mixed media painting of a girl falling holding a 3D balloon made out of dinosaurs/unicorns plastic toys with Flash DC comics as the background.

This was my 2nd 3D artwork created in 2017 which was inspired by losing yourself. I lost myself and my passion in my corporate job. Found that work was my life and knew deep down that it really wasn't my passion. I was doing well for myself but I wasn't happy which I'm sure many people can relate to. I used to be creative prior to being an adult and put that on pause. I decided to un pause it and start creating again.

Artwork Dimensions: 20'x29' inches (foam board)

Balloons represent dreams. Dinosaurs represent history. Unicorns represent that anything is possible aka your dreams. Comics represent the youth.

Note: Pricing includes Shadowbox in black (24'x30') as shown in photos.


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Pandora Owl
Bradford, ON
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Dream Catcher
  • Painting
  • Mixed Media Collage (comics, plastic toys, acrylic paint, spray paint) on Foam Board
  • 24" x 30" x 4.1"


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