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Inspired by mental health & illness, to help continue the conversation.

This 30 x 40" mixed media painting on canvas, features a glitter butterfly figure made up of two hearts on either side of a gold glitter pill. Within the heart-shaped wings are quotes written by yours truly (Pandora Owl).

"Our story is still being written" "We all have wings yet some choose to fly" "Use your own pieces to make peace" "Don't let your mind break your heart"

- Bottom of canvas, "Love Yourz" is written, a song by J. Cole.

The message behind this is, as long as you surround yourself with love and a strong support system, it can really help you get through personal struggles. However that consists of asking for help from loved ones and or even with the help of taking prescribed medication. The stigma of mental health and illness is still very much real, being dependent on others and even drugs can make people feel a bit helpless and in less control of themselves, their own minds. Basically it's okay to not be 100% in control and to ask for help, when needed. That itself needs more normalization in our society especially for the youth. It's not a weakness but a strength. Strength is born through struggle.

Materials: Glitter Glue, Spray Paint, Dimensional Fabric Paint, Oil Marker

- Unframed - Includes attached wire in the back for hanging canvas - Gallery wrapped heavy-duty canvas

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Additional Details

About the artist
About the artist

Pandora Owl was born and raised outside of Toronto, Ontario. Her art focuses on mental health & illness in order to help comfort those who suffer from it as well as exposing it to those who don’t. She leverages mixed media in order to tell her stories, often referencing her youth by incorporating , ... View full profile

Bradford, ON
Partial artist since 2018

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